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Do NOT set lofty goals... Set Passionate Goals.

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

12 Things NOT TO DO...

Issue 4

Do NOT set lofty goals... Set Passionate Goals.

Greetings everyone from the beautiful West Coast of Lake Michigan.

Welcome to issue 4 of 12 of Things NOT To Do….

In our first two issues we discussed making a proper plan, and really studying our wheelhouse. In the third issue, we discussed the concept that having a GIVING mindset was a much better method of living and creating happiness than “acquiring”. (and ironically 9 out of 10 times, you actually acquire more by giving as well…) In this issue we're going to discuss Passion.

Planning, education, and mindset are all very important components to creating happiness in our business and personal lives. And now that you're all experts on them, we're going to dive a bit deeper into the “plan” part of our lives and discuss the “type” of goals we set. We're going to talk about Passion and why it is a key ingredient in the recipe for your success. Let's get started.

Lofty Goals

I like to categorize goals as ether “lofty”, or “passionate”.

Lofty goals are like:

  • I would like a Miami beachside condo.

  • I would like to fly in a private jet

  • I would like to be Debt Free

  • I would like to give to charitable causes

  • I would like to be a successful parent

Now, do any of those goals appear to be “bad” goals? No, of course not. In fact, at one time or another all of those goals have been, or are, on one of my goal lists. In Issue 3 we began to examine mindset as we discussed the "Giving" vs. "Taking" mindset of how to approach our overall life philosophy. Now we're going to go deeper into the subtle semantics of how we can apply Passion to our motivation and create longer lasting drive that will help us work through to the completion of our goals.

Let’s discuss motivation for a minute. Motivation is the key to results. When you are incredibly motivated, you can do almost anything. Think back to a time when you absolutely CRUSHED a goal. Maybe it was a test in school, maybe an athletic event, maybe a speech, or performing music in a concert. How were you able to do it? What was driving you? How often was that end goal in your thoughts?

Answering these questions, then being able to reproduce similar mental drives at will, is the key to achieving any goal. So knowing this, let’s re-examine the goals list. But this time, instead of looking at the goals from a “lofty” angle, let’s look at the potential Passion that could accompany those ideas and see if we could find something to motivate us enough to really do the work it’s going to take to achieve them.

Passionate Goals: (same list)

  • I would like to wake up each day to the gentle sound of breaking waves, and end each day with my feet kicked up, watching a beautiful sunset.

  • I would like to buy back hundreds of hours of stressful travel, and spend more of my life living, than trying to get to my destinations.

  • I would like to wake up each morning knowing that I owe no one anything, and rest my head at night knowing the same.

  • I would like to be able to provide a significant amount of my money, thought, and time into projects that help the individuals in my community.

  • I would like, more than anything in the world, for my children to always treat others with kindness and love, to always look for the silver linings in life, and to want to spend time with me because they love me so much.

Now, believe it or not, all 5 of the items on both lists are the same.

However, aside from the obvious wording, here is how they differ, and this is the KEY: One set is Passionate enough to motivate you so much, that you will live those thoughts in your head

over and over and over, until you finally achieve that goal. The other set sounds good, and might give you a temporary boost of energy, but when the going gets rough, or life gets in the way, or you get sidetracked with a project, a relationship, or recreation of some kind, your work habit will waiver and you will not stay in the action mode necessary to really accomplish what is necessary to make that goal a reality.

Look at those lists again. Read the first one, then try to visualize yourself ONLY working for those words. Then read the second list. See how much easier it is to really visualize the necessity, the ethical and moral necessity for you to achieve one or more of those items.

"Motivation. It is the magic fuel that fuels the engine of achievement."

Motivation. It is the magic fuel that fuels the engine of achievement.

Without proper goals, created from a deep place of passion rather than a surface material desire, you will not find the achievement or happiness you’re looking for.


Create a Passion List

  1. Make a very fast “surface” lofty list of great things you would like to have, to do, and to accomplish. (like our first list above)

  2. Now take that list and re-visualize what those things really allow you to do, how they allow you live, how they allow you to give. Then re-write them with PASSION, and see if you can create a list that will truly motivate you to work through to completion of your goals. This is your Passion List.

Action Items

When you create your Passion List I want you to do 4 things with it.

  1. I want you to go back to Issue 1, read it again, and re-create your written Plan to lay out the path of work (or method) you’ll need to accomplish those goals.

  2. Then I want you to read Issue 2 and STUDY YOUR ASS OFF, in the field or area of each goal, so you are educated enough to accomplish the goal.

  3. Then I want you to re-read Issue 3 and make sure your heart and mind are focused on how your work efforts and plan will add value to others, so you can ensure your success.

  4. Then the fun one. I want you to email me personally with your old and new lists and what your learned from this lesson. I may not be able to respond to each one individually, but I will try to.

Send your lists and revelations to:

Happy writing. I’ll look for your emails and see you all soon for ISSUE 5 where we will discuss focusing on the moment.







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