Thanks for dropping by and taking your time

to read some of my thoughts.  

I am constantly sharing with people that the average American lives approximately 27,000 days.

Between getting ready, travel, work, housework, bills, etc. we usually end up with about 4 hours/day to ourselves

on average. I consider it a privilege that you are spending some of those precious moments here with me. 

I hope some of the concepts I share with you will help you to better understand how to really LIVE each moment of your life, feel more, experience more, love more, give more and truly SPEND YOUR TIME LIVING.




Jay is the Chief Executive Officer of Geared2Give, the leading Cause Marketing company in the Digital Giving space. Working with the Entertainment and Sports industries G2G custom campaigns combine unique experienced-based fund development and For-Profit Corporate Partnerships to help achieve cause fulfillment. 

Jay is an active investor, public speaker, and consultant.


As the former Director of Operations for Fifty-Fifty Entertainment, Jay worked with Multi-Platinum, Grammy, Emmy and Oscar winning talent.

Jay began his career as a singer/songwriter and producer, and has written over 400 songs, produced more than 200 studio projects. He produced a short film in 2015 and contributes to multiple blogs, podcasts, and publications.