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Welcome to my Goals for the year. 


Here is the result of my annual Goal Storm, where I create 10 buckets, or categories of goals in my life, fill each with up to 10 goals I wish to accomplish over the year, then choose the Top 5 Personal and Top 5 Professional goals, create daily action habits for them and put them on the goal card. Additionally I state what Success means to me, what my personal life Mission is and how I visualize living my life. I place these cards all over in my life and review them 15+ times daily. For in depth videos on the Goal Storm process, and the Goal Card creation process, check out the amazing vid's from my good friend Nick Sarnicola.

Feel free to reach out to me on social or Telegram if you have any questions. 

Goals_Values Card V 7.0 front.png
Goals_Values Card V 7.0 Back.png




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