Remembering America's Heroes

May 30, 2016


I spent this morning with family, watching our local Memorial Day Parade. At the conclusion we visited a local cemetery because my 8 year old neice was chosen with several other children to read a paragraph about what America means to them. As I listened to these children speak of Freedom, Safety, Protection, and their Gratitude for the soldiers who gave their lives for all of these treasures, I was profoundly moved by the emotion of the setting. As they finished reading the master of ceremonies asked us all to take a moment of silence to honor the fallen soldiers. 


During this silence, the sounds of the cemetery came alive. I heard birds chirping, bees buzzing, squirrels running up trees, and the beautiful sound of the wind as it swept through the leaves, and created the familiar majestic snap of the American flag waving  just behind me.


During this silence, I heard the loudness of Life. It was as if Life was saying,

"Don't be sad. Nothing ever really dies. These lives you honor today are alive in you, in these children, in this beautiful country. Make the most of their sacrifice by truly LIVING. Earn what they gave you, each day. Take a lesson from the animals, the insects, the wind, and never stop creating beautiful moments."


That is what I heard today.

To 'Spend Your Time Living.' is to honor those who sacrificed for us.

It is to honor our families who raised us.

And it creates beauty and joy for those around us. 


Let us remember today that the best way for us to honor those who sacrificed their lives for us is to Spend Our Time Living!



Thank you to all our heroes and their families for the ultimate sacrifice.





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