Parlez-vous NO HUNGER?

August 1, 2015



You may know that The French National Assembly recently voted unanimously to pass legislation that will BAN supermarkets from throwing away or destroying unsold food. 

AND, even more interesting,

they MUST donate it to charities or animal feed.

This is now a law, and punishable by steep fines and even jail time!



Upon further reading, I discovered this is a good news / bad news story.

France is responsible for throwing away 7.1 Million tons of food each year, 

only a fraction of the 1.3 Billion tons of food thrown away world-wide. 

Although only a tiny part of the global problem, France has recognized

its downfall, owned up to it, and put a stop to it. 

That is the good news.


So what is the bad news?


Guess how much the US throws away of the 1.3 Billion tons of world-wide

wasted food?…… wait for it………. 35 Million tons! Sheesh!

That is equal to almost 40% of US food produced annually or 

$165 Billion Dollars worth of food! 

We spend 74 Bil on the SNAP (food stamp) program and estimates are that

we’re only 30% short of feeding everyone, all the time. (approx $30 Bil dollars)

That is the bad news.




So a quick WillPlayForFood Foundation recap.


1 in 5 American children struggle with food insecurity.

They have heath problems, developmental problems, learning problems etc..  which all lead to social and self esteem issues.

These Food Insecure kids have a 50% HS graduation rate and only a 2% college application rate. 

And that’s just the kids. 


Another 33 Million Adults struggle with hunger, many of whom are parents of these kids. Many of these adults are not the "lazy poor" stereotype we've come to imagine, but they are what we call the “working poor”, people with jobs that just can’t make ends meet. There are also a large group of people that are fully employable, but have been out of work 6 months to 2 years, and that alone prevents them from being hired. 


The bottom line is when you eliminate "hunger" from the equation, 

kids are healthier, they do better in school, they turn into productive contributors to the economy and their parents have less stress, more time to further their education and get better employment, or simply get first time employment.


So.... the only thing holding them back from this is the daily emergency of having to come up with that extra 30% (or approx. 30 Billion Dollars) in food…… 

And we’re throwing away how much again?…. $165 Billion……hmmmmmmm……..




I’m no rocket scientist, but I’m thinking we "Go French" on this issue, own up to it, save even 1/4 of the food being thrown away and Viola, NO HUNGER IN AMERICA!


I don’t care if you’re Democrat, Republican, or an illegal alien, everyone eating and everyone working is GOOD FOR EVERYONE!







To Read about The French Legislation visit: HERE


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