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helps amazing clients, causes, and campaigns take the next step in their journey toward accomplishment. If your group is ready to move forward, connect with Jay below.

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Jay provides consulting in the following four areas. If your organization or business is interested in taking that next step utilizing the R3 Business Strategy Method (Research, Review, and professional Recommendations), contact Jay today. 


From Fortune 500 companies to 500k Non-Profit Org's, Jay's experience has enabled him to help provide organizations with an unbiased perspective on streamlining, efficiency, and effectiveness so that the structure of the group and their tools are truly optimized for accomplishing the organizations goals. This occurs through the R3 Process; Research, Review, Recommendations. Jay has used this method for many years to help clients make solid, informed decisions for the future. 

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In 1976 Marriot Corporation and the March of Dimes embarked on the first known Cause Marketing partnership bringing the non-profit and for-profit worlds together for mutual benefit for the first time. March of the Dime's goal was to increase fundraising for its chapters in the Western U.S. and Marriott's goal was to generate cost effective PR and media coverage for the opening of their family entertainment complex, Marriott's Great America in Santa Clara,Calif. The campaign was a HUGE hit. Since then, Cause Marketing expenditures by companies have exploded from almost zero in 1983 to an estimated $1.57 billion today. Jay's time in entertainment put him front and center to this Cause Marketing model and he brings those years of knowledge and expertise to todays non-profit world in new and exciting ways. Jay's extensive experience from the corporate side gives him a unique ability to understand and communicate between the business and nonprofit partners. Developing these campaigns is now his passion.

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In the noisy social media world of the 2020's Cause based organizations need an edge if they want to compete with the 32.5 millions business in the US and the 1.5 million non-profits, who are all using social media, email, direct mail, radio, tv, and advertising to get the attention of the American donor. Likewise companies looking to do good and receive marketing benefits are looking for Cause-Partners that have found that edge. Jay's expertise in cutting edge, incentive-based experience campaigns has allowed him to help countless Causes discover new and exciting ways to generate revenue. The old school mailer & online donation button is no longer a viable strategy for organizations that want to succeed in the new decade. Jay provides cutting edge campaign strategies, technology, and superior donor experience to help organizations meet their goals. 

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Diversification of income has been a tried and true teaching for business and individuals for hundreds of years. More recently this thought process has entered the Non-Profit world. There is no rule that says an NPO or Cause can not have revenue generating investments, stocks, partnerships, or even own outright businesses within or outside of their organization. The truth is many organizations structure of business partners, staff, volunteers, and donors put them in a perfect position to offer goods or services to one or more of these groups, and sometimes using resources from one or more of these groups. Many Causes today can benefit immensely from creating revenue generating opportunities with resources they already have. Being a serial entrepreneur, Jay has years of expertise in the development and launch of revenue generating ideas. If this is something your organization is interested in, contact Jay today to discuss the amazing opportunities available to Cause Organizations today. 



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